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Dear Parents,

You know that, Parent and Teachers are ever best friends. I believe that the majority of Parents do an excellent job and genuinely try their best to bring up their children. The truth is that parenting is not easy.

As Principal, I would like to offer a few school tips for parents. I believe every educator want to know for the benefit of their children.

Be supportive to teachers and school management in all matters pertaining to uplifting of children's education;


  Be involved and stay involved — Ask your about the daily events that take place in school.

  Guide your child in doing their home work, wherever possible.

  Always keep in touch with their respective teachers.

  Do not speak ill of teachers more so infront of your child.

  Be firm in dealing with your children

  Children may at times drift; so please have a check on their statements.

  Do not make excuses on behalf of your child please, stand firm with the school management and teach truent children a life lesson that could prevent them for making bigger mistakes later on.

Correspondent's Message:

Education is a Passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So, in today's competitive world, we have to prepare the students to face the challenges and to impart the skills of decision making, problem sloving and critical thinking. TMS strives to create global citizens with deep rooted Indian values so as to make positive difference in the world they live.

Our aim is to nurture the creativity of every child, to encourage inborn strength and interest of every student and to encourage out of box thinking by providing the right environment.

I welocme you all as you have decided to be a part of our institution. Let us all join hands to ensure that in the years to come our school will scale greater heights and grow from strength to strength and achive the pinnacle of success.

Principal's Message:

I take this opportunity of sharing my thoughts and views with you. The aim of our school is to provide an excellent environment that helps to nurture and develop every child's potential tp the fullest. It is our endeavour to provide children with opportunities to learn in multidimensional ways and explore the limitless potential in their quest for knowledge. In TMS, we ensure that teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy, where learning and excelling is a pasison and culture and values have a permanent place. Our caring and committed teachers are our pillars of strength. I thank the parents for their co-operation, understanding and trust. I humbly request the parent to be active participants in all activities conducted in the school.

I warmly welocme all the new parents and children for the new academic year as we dedicate ourselves every day, to impart the very best education to young minds.